2017 Call for Submissions 


Minneapolis, MN

March 16 – March 18, 2017


Create has been selected as the theme for the 2017 Central States Communication Association convention in order to focus on one of the central ideas of the discipline, that we create (identity, relationships, knowledge, culture etc.) through our communication. The theme also celebrates what CSCA members can create together through their teaching ideas, service and innovative research.


We can explore how to create knowledge through our research across our planning units. Celebrating key communication research contributions to theory, methodology and the history of communication are important. Therefore, submissions dedicated to spotlighting significant communication research and creative contributions inclusive of all methodological perspectives in our discipline are encouraged.


We can create best teaching practices within the discipline and the association. Doing so entails promoting general education programs and communication skills across our planning units. Accordingly, submissions dedicated to communication pedagogy, communication competence, cultural diversity, assessment, instructional innovation and the integration of technology are encouraged.

Service and Creative Collaboration

Service and creative collaboration shape CSCA as we create new ways to serve communities. We must work together as a scholarly community to advocate for the communication discipline and to engage community. Service and creative collaboration help us realize who we are as a community of scholars—we embrace our friendships, colleagues and professional partners. We celebrate our mentors and meet new lifetime friends. Therefore, submissions dedicated to the service contributions of disciplinary advocates and networking opportunities across all planning units are encouraged. 
Please see the submission calls of the association’s interest groups and caucuses for specific submission information.

Deadline for Submissions: October 3, 2016; January 15, 2017 for Undergraduate Honors Research Conference

Primary Program Planner: Blair Thompson

Information for 2018 Planners

This website will be updated for the 2018 convention in late May/early June. In the meantime, you can download the programming planner packet here.