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Greetings to the outstanding members of CSCA! It is cold here today – 8 below zero! I LOVE Minnesota!! Nothing like a bit of fresh air in your lungs to get your body moving or, if you are not too smart, parts of it falling off (I was afraid Artie was going to lose his nose this morning due to the cold – it was actually white! – hee hee). I am not sure my goats and horses feel the same way although, they might enjoy it better around 0 degrees.

One of the finest things I have done the past ten years is serving as an officer in the CSCA organization. After serving as President of CSCA, I stepped directly into the Executive Director role and many of you thought I was crazy! Not so – I have enjoyed every moment of my time working for this organization. Unfortunately, my term as Executive Director is up – I am entering my final and 5th year as ED which, according to our Constitution and By-laws means I spend my last year mentoring and guiding the new executive director. What does that mean for our organization? We need to find a new executive director.

Being the executive director of CSCA has been one of the most gratifying things I have done. I have appreciated getting to know all of you, working with you, laughing with you; I truly view CSCA as my home and as my family. I have made soooooo many friends in CSCA and I look forward to attending the conferences in the future as a member and once again becoming active in the various interest groups. We have worked hard together to make CSCA a strong and efficiently run organization and the many officers I have been able to work with have been amazing. I can truly say that the leadership of CSCA has you – its members – as its focus in making the decisions that they do. We want to keep CSCA a friendly and accessible organization, where we work with each and continue to be inclusive in our membership, committees and officer roles.

Right now, CSCA is very financially sound and healthy; the website continues to expand and become more user-friendly and informative; the streamlined systems put into place by myself and past executive directors has resulted in an organization that is efficiently run, cost effective, and experiencing growth. The leadership and officers the organization has elected are strong in their leadership, committed to CSCA and out-side-the-box thinkers in keeping CSCA growing and effective. CSCA is at a good place right now and I believe is the strongest and friendliest regional organization (of course I am a teeny bit biased – hee hee).

I LOVE CSCA and want to thank you all for allowing me the great privilege of serving as your Executive Director for the past four years.  Working with this organization has been a great joy to me and I value the many wonderful memories that have been created. Thank you all for making my experience with CSCA one that I will cherish forever. With that said – see you in Kansas City!!!

Be blessed!! -- nancy

Nancy J. Brule, Executive Director/Past CSCA President

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