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CSCA - Happy Holidays!


My goats are fed, my horses are happy, my dogs are snug, my chickens are laying, my cats are purring… is truly good! I am sure we are all breathing easier now with the end of the semester, grades in, students on vacation, and papers for the CSCA conference being tweaked. I have no doubt you are now working on pleasant things like holiday baking, catching up on your sleep, knitting those mittens, reading that novel, and making contacts with friends to arrange getting together in Kansas City, Missouri for the 2013 conference.

First Important Item -- Thank you for all the wonderful support you have shown and provided for CSCA in the year 2012. CSCA is a wonderful organization because we have members that connect and support each other, encourage our young scholars, and is an organization that is strong in both theoretical and applied scholarship. I want to thank each of you for helping make it an organization where all can belong, fit in, be involved, and find their niche.

Second Important Item – Just a reminder that memberships are due and I urge you all to get your memberships in. CSCA counts on memberships to be able to run our organization. Conference rates are also kept lower when our numbers for membership and attendance at conferences are higher! In addition, being part of an organization where you can be involved and active is great for your university, your undergraduate and graduate students, and helps expose others to what you and your school are doing.  If you have not done so, visit the website and you can renew or join for the upcoming year. Please log on to the Members Only area of the website,, to renew.

Third Important Item – Obviously – start planning for the 2013 CSCA Conference in Kansas City, MO where we have some great events lined up, intriguing short courses, business meetings, and outstanding papers and panels. The tentative program is already posted online and pre-registration for the conference will be available approximately January 6th. The hotel is beautiful! When the committee visited the site in July it was such a pleasure to realize that many wonderful restaurants and pubs are within walking distance and the hotel itself has many places to gather with friends. This is going to be a great conference as First Vice-President Chad Edwards has been working diligently at bringing in some outstanding scholars AND the quality of submissions has been amazing.  I encourage you to begin to make plans for this conference!

MOST IMPORTANT ITEM -  Have a happy New Year! Set your goals for the New Year—aim high—and then work to fulfill your vision with passion. All things are possible!

With warm regards,

Nancy J. Brule, Executive Director/Past President  

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