Outstanding State Journal and Manuscript Award

The States Advisory Council recognizes one outstanding state journal and one outstanding manuscript published in one of the state journals. At the annual convention, the recipients of the outstanding state journal and outstanding manuscript receive a certificate.

Each state in the region may submit their latest edition of their journal and one manuscript from that journal. Usually, the person who submits the journal and the manuscript is the editor of the state journal. A jury of three CSCA members reviews the journals and the manuscripts and select one outstanding journal and one outstanding manuscript.

The recipients of the Outstanding State Journal Award and the Outstanding State Manuscript are recognized at the Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon and Business Meeting.

The Central States Communication Association (CSCA) States Advisory Council will recognize the top journal as well as the top manuscript at the annual CSCA conference in Madison, Wisconsin in April 2015.  On behalf of CSCA States Advisory, representative Randy Dillon invites journal editors of central states journals to consider placing forward your state’s journal a well as a manuscript published in your state’s journal over the past year.  We want to recognize the quality of work found in Central States journals.

Please send Prof. Dillon a PDF copy of your 2015 state journal to his email address: randydillon@missouristate.edu

In the same email that you attach the PDF copy of your state journal, identify one particular article from the publication that you believe exemplifies some of the “best work” that is published in your state’s journal.   Briefly explain in a couple of paragraphs why this article has been selected.   Include reasons for the quality in writing, content, connectivity with your organization, and with the discipline.
Please submit your entries by Friday, February 5, 2016, 5:00pm CST.
The recipient of the CSCA State Journal Award and the recipient(s) of the CSCA State Journal Manuscript Award will be contacted in early March.
If you have questions or concerns contact Randy Dillon at randydillon@missouristate.edu or 417-836-4986.

Past recipients of the Outstanding State Journal and the Outstanding Manuscript are: