Past Officers Graduate Student Debut Program Award

The Past Officers Graduate Student Debut Program Award program is designed to showcase some of the most promising work of the discipline's graduate students and is sponsored by CSCA Past Officers. The competition is open to graduate students in all areas of the Communication discipline. At the annual convention, cash awards will be presented to those students presenting debut papers.

To be eligible for participation in the Debut Program, (1) the author must be a graduate student, (2) the paper must have single authorship, (3) the paper must be the author's first paper to be presented at CSCA, and (4) the paper cannot have been submitted to any other CSCA Interest Group, Caucus, or Council for review and presentation at the 2010 convention. A panel of past officers will evaluate papers.

The recipients are recognized at a special panel sponsored by the Past Officers.

For more information, contact the Executive Director.

Past recipients are: